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2023/2024 SEASON
the Shakespeare company and Hit & Myth present

A MIDSummer night's dream

MAY 17 - JUNE 1, 2024 

Directed by Ron Jenkins, join us for this whimsical and enchanting comedy taking you on a wild journey through a magical forest. Filled with mischievous fairies, bumbling actors, and star-crossed lovers, this piece weaves together love, mistaken identities, and hilarious misunderstandings. With its witty dialogue, captivating characters, and a touch of supernatural mischief, this timeless tale will leave you spellbound and laughing in delight.

the Shakespeare company and Hit & Myth present

Richard iii

Shakespeare’s fiery drama chronicles the cutthroat ascension of a king and the havoc he leaves in his wake as he gains power over the realm. Richard III is an unrelenting demonstration of the exercise of power.

April 13 - April 29, 2023

April 18 - April 30, 2023

alberta theatre presents, in association with the Shakespeare company & hit and myth productions

teenage dick

The high-stakes tragedy and political drama of Shakespeare’s Richard III are transported to the hallways of a contemporary high school in this darkly comedic adaptation.


Taunted with the nickname “Dick” and bullied because of his disability, Richard, the play’s brilliant, charismatic anti-hero, is determined to have his revenge, and plots a ruthless path to power in a dramatic student council election. Aided by his quick-witted best friend Buck, he seeks to overthrow the bullish star quarterback Eddie to become student council president while charming the most popular girl in school into being his girlfriend. But as he falls deeper into a pattern of manipulation and greed, Richard is faced with an unexpected choice: Is it better to be feared or loved?

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